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Get to Know Fairhope

This small artsy city on the eastern side of Mobile Bay lacks the dominant beach culture of the Gulf shores. But it does have character, and plenty of it. There are numerous art galleries, festivals, and public art in this town, where tourism is a main focus.

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Fairhope predominantly contains single-family homes, with a limited number of condo developments. Most all of these are primary residences, with only a handful being used as a vacation home. There are a limited number of waterfront properties that rest on Mobile Bay and on Fish River. Use these popular home searches and available listings to find your dream home. Want to see a home in person? Call us at (251) 747-5932!

Fairhope Lifestyle

Fairhope includes the Municipal Pier and Park, a nearly 1,500-foot structure jetting into Mobile Bay that is considered Fairhope’s “town square.” Dating back to 1894 and rebuilt after it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, the square welcomes visitors with a park and rose garden, while diners can grab a bite halfway down the pier. It’s also a popular spot for walking, fishing, and checking out a pelican or two.

The city has about 15,000 residents, has above-average schools among counterparts in Baldwin County, and is also a haven for flowering plants of all kind.

What to Do in Fairhope

Parks, Trails, and Boating

Fairhope is also a site of the Jubilee, a rare summer event where flounder and shellfish head to the surface of Mobile Bay due to a lack of oxygen in the water. The Jubilee event only occurs here in Mobile Bay and Tokyo Bay, Japan, and is the perfect time to grab hundreds of fish and tons of crab in minutes. That and net a fish story for the ages.

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