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Gulf Shores and Orange Beach AL Real Estate - Preferred Client Group


Searching made Simple!

The members of the Preferred Client Group of receive exclusive access to a broad range of service and tools that aid in their condo or home search. Whether you are looking for a family getaway, second home, or investment, your purchase should have a tactical approach. Consider the amount of time and energy involved in getting past the first step: selecting the right complex. Questions that would need to be answered include:

  • What area do I want to be in?
  • What type of amenities do I need?
  • Do I want to be in a high-rise or a two story complex with fewer units?
  • How much can I afford in monthly Homeowner’s Association fees?
  • Do I need boating access?

Another dozen questions or so and the best suited complexes will arise. Each of them is then dissected and qualified. The dissection process addresses many questions that need to be answered immediately:

  • Will a mortgage professional be able to provide me a loan for a unit in this complex?
  • Could there be any large assessments that come up unexpectedly?
  • Is the Home Owners Association financially sound?

After several more qualifying questions, a handful of complexes will pass the test. Finally, each available unit that our preferred client has interest in is thoroughly analyzed in regards to:

  • Price
  • Needed repairs (if any)
  • Rental History and Projections
  • and much more

Simply put, if you don’t have the time to continue to check on listings here, or to discover that the listing you’ve been watching and considering making an offer on can’t even be financed, then allow us to provide a level of service that will quickly prepare you to make a well informed decision. Your time is very valuable. We preview units before you make plans, so that you don’t make a wasted trip. It is a tailored approach for our exclusive, ready, and able clients. Of course, you’ll never pay a penny for this membership.

Whether you’re considering buying now or maybe you decide to wait a while, we are simply here to assist. In return, we ask that when you are ready to make that decision, appoint us as your agent. However, the Preferred Clients Group is not for everyone. We understand that many people simply prefer to surf our website. If you'd rather learn and search at your control, continue to be our guest at We are always a call or a click away when you do have questions.

Call me directly at 251-747-5930 and mention your interest in the Preferred Client Group.

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